Welcome to Rad Sex & Consent Week 2014!

What’s rad and sexy and rhymes with “Dad eats but resents leek”? Rad Sex and Consent Week!

It’s a University Queer and Women’s Department joint event that occurs annually in a jam packed week of learning how to have fun, safe sexy times and the activities associated… like learning how to create the perfect chocolate sauce… for you to lick off your partner’s back. This year though it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

With the combined efforts of La Trobe University Wom*n and Queer Departments, Melbourne University Wom*n’s, Queer, Disabilities and Indigenous departments, and Monash University’s Queer and Wom*n’s, it’s going to have events across a broad university network with workshops in all locations open the students from all universities.

So, say you go to Melbourne but live in Clayton and don’t have classes on the Wednesday, and think there is a cool workshop on at Monash Uni – then go to it!!!

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We will also be having a cross campus opening and closing events as well as a cross campus zine! But unfortunately, these chocolate sauce recipes don’t write themselves. We would like you to help us in our quest to create the perfect chocolate sauce and make a damn amazing Rad Sex and Consent Week happen.
We’ll be needing people to write/draw/photograph and contribute in any way for the “Rad Sex and Consent Zine: 2014” (the theme for the zine is in the name… though A+ for a good chocolate sauce recipe)

If/ when you get your creative juices flowing shoot us an email with your submission or question to queer@union.unimelb.edu.au or womyns@union.unimelb.edu.au.

Also at all universities we will need volunteers to sit in workshops and make sure that everyone is having a good and safe time by listening and supporting anyone who might be having a bad time during the week. We will provide you with training for this.

If you are interested, contact your university reps:


2 weeks to go – Stay tuned for updates!

Rad Sex & Consent week returns in 2014 – this time across multiple campuses with many Melbourne universities gettin’ involved!

Check back this week as we add information about locations, events, and resources.

Sex workers shine light on their trade with Q&A

Read article here!


Girl Fuck: An Introduction to Girl-on-girl Lovin’!

See full comic here!

By Erika Moen

Body Positive Feminist Network



“The Body Positive Feminist Network is a collection of blogs that are all body/ gender/ sex positive which are run by some of the best babes on the internet! It was created to make it easier for like minded people to be able to find each other.”


Individual personal blogs;

Radicalising Sex & Consent on Campus – Audio Piece!

Tune into Queering the Air on 3CR between 3 and 4 P.M this Sunday to hear a segment covering Rad Sex & Consent Week, including interviews with a bunch of participants and organisers.


Listen to it here!

“In May 2012, the Queer & Women’s Departments of Melbourne University put on Rad Sex & Consent Week for the second time, aimed at re-educating and re-thinking cultures of sex, desire, relationships and most importantly, consent. A young Liberal student didn’t get the memo on consent, and without asking participants, recorded a workshop called Arsehole Education & passed it onto the Herald Sun. The article in the Herald Sun claimed that there was controversy and “furore” over Rad Sex & Consent Week.
Listen to the voices of students who attended a range of Rad Sex & Consent Week workshops.”

p.s. Thanks Ania for putting it together!

Sex, Sexuality & Disability


Check out this new website!  http://www.sexualityanddisability.org


If you didn’t see it, there was a piece on sex & disability in the latest issue of Farrago – see it here!


Check out the Queering the Air episode on “Queerness & Disability” here!


There are a couple of events being run at The Festival of Sex Work (on now!) by Touching Base – a group “developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face” ….

Including A Screening of Scarlet Road (followed by Q&A) & Professional Disability Awareness Training for Sex Workers

See full program here!

From http://mossflowers.tumblr.com (originally from grrrlstudies)

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