Radicalising Sex & Consent on Campus – Audio Piece!

Tune into Queering the Air on 3CR between 3 and 4 P.M this Sunday to hear a segment covering Rad Sex & Consent Week, including interviews with a bunch of participants and organisers.


Listen to it here!

“In May 2012, the Queer & Women’s Departments of Melbourne University put on Rad Sex & Consent Week for the second time, aimed at re-educating and re-thinking cultures of sex, desire, relationships and most importantly, consent. A young Liberal student didn’t get the memo on consent, and without asking participants, recorded a workshop called Arsehole Education & passed it onto the Herald Sun. The article in the Herald Sun claimed that there was controversy and “furore” over Rad Sex & Consent Week.
Listen to the voices of students who attended a range of Rad Sex & Consent Week workshops.”

p.s. Thanks Ania for putting it together!


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